418 MHz Wireless Temperature Sensor

Wirelessly Monitor Temperatures with this 418 MHz Battery-Operated Digital Temperature Sensor

Main Features

  • 418 MHz FCC Certified Wireless Radio
  • Communicates to our Point Manager
  • Low Duty Cycle for Extended Battery Life
  • Battery Type: 3.6 V Lithium - AA. User replaceable.
  • Unique Serial Number to identify specific sensor locations
  • CRC-16-16 Error Checked Radio Data for accuracy
  • To activate the sensor, press on the ConceptOne label for less than five seconds to activate the hidden smart switch.
  • To de-activate the sensor, press on the ConceptOne label for more an five seconds.


ConceptOne represents a family of sensor monitoring products from the Company that has provided unique, cost effective solutions since 1986. This battery operated, wireless ConceptOne product enables the monitoring of temperatures with an easy to install system.

The ConceptOne Temperature Sensor is a battery operated digital temperature sensor with a built-in microprocessor controlled 418 MHz FCC certified radio transmitter.

A Point Manager receiver is required. Repeaters may be required depending on locations and required wireless transmission distances.

This extremely small sensor, measures only 2.0" x 2.5" x 1.0" (including mounting flange) and weighs only one ounce.

* Operating Temperature - 40 to 85 degrees C

* Transmission Rate 10 to 17 seconds random

Key Advantages

  • Our complete wireless network costs less than just the electrical wiring for other systems.
  • No Power Wires Required. No Data Cables Required.
  • Small size, low weight, fast and easy installation.
  • Typical 3-year Battery Life.
  • One Year Warranty

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