Colleges and Universities

Walker Wireless and ACUI Procure partnered in 2003 to bring wireless traffic counting technology to Student Unions and college Sports and Fitness Centers. Traffic Counters have enabled these institutions to better serve their students and employees.

Why Colleges and Universities Use People Counters?

  • People counters allow you to provide accurate visitor counts and help justify funding measures.
  • People counters enable you to measure which areas of the student union or fitness center are most used.
  • People counters will help you decide which doors are the busiest and help guide the placement of refreshment centers and informational kiosks.
  • People counters will help you determine if you need to modify the hours and days your student service are in operation.

The Benefits of Walker Wireless People Counters include:

  • Battery Operated - No Wires - PortableNew IR Technology - Easy to Align - Easy to Install
  • Hidden Reset Button Reduces Tampering and Helps Protect Data
  • Wireless Transmission of Count Data to a PC or Network
  • Inexpensive to Monitor Multiple Doors
  • You Own the Data
  • Exportable Data in a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format
  • Additional Wireless Products monitor Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, etc.

CompuCount Systems

A complete wireless people counting system from Walker Wireless adds many features and benefits.

  • The battery operated counters at the doors wirelessly transmit their traffic counts to the CompuCount receiver/server attached to your PC network. This count data is automatically collected, stored, and is viewed at your PC in half hour, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly formats.
  • Each CompuCount can receive traffic count data from up to sixteen Walker Wireless counters in the building so it is easy to track incoming student counts as well as usage in specific Exercise Rooms, Computer Rooms, Audio Visual Labs, Coffee Shops, Restrooms, and other locations within the building.
  • The CompuCount supports Directional Counters which can be used to track IN and OUT counts and determine occupancy of individual rooms.
  • The CompuCount supports the Magnetic Door Counter which can be placed on Emergency Doors, Closet Doors, Cabinet Doors, etc to track when they are opened.
  • The CompuCount supports overhead camera counting technology.
  • The CompuCount supports the Management Information Survey Box which will allow you to count questions at the Information Desk.
  • Because the counters are battery-operated and wirelessly transmit their information, the system can be easily installed without needing to worry about the time or expense of running power and data wires.
  • Because of the lightweight portability of the counter, an extra unit can be purchased to be used at different locations within the building to capture counts for specific events.

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